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Search and find your Google position without certain filters.

Around Jan 23rd, 2005, it was discovered that a glitch has appeared in the Google search engine results. Apparently when Google started to accept search strings beyond 9 words, they re-introduced a previously corrected flaw enabling specific search strings to disable certain filters.

Around Feb 10th Google closed the glitch.
April 4th a new way was discovered.
So, for now, were back !

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note in response to all the forum posts:
This tool simply searches your phrase with Google in an exact match mode. By providing enough words Google will provide results from more indexed pages than a regular search. The -asdf trick in January did this by negating unused words. The April 4th version here does it by adding ignored words out to 42 words total. The results shown usually are of a higher page count than the regular results indicating some filters have been disabled. If you found this site, you are already connected to the SEO world and should be able to draw your own conclusions as to the results. The primary intention was to approximate where a site might be if one or more filters were lifted, and to allow sites that are not in the regular results to be displayed for a given term indicating that the site is either filtered or penalized. The exact filters disabled and their meaning is probably unknown to all except those directly involved with the algorithms at Google.

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